The Oil Minister visited MAPNA Group Industries on a visit to Alborz Province on Sunday, October 6. During this visit, Bijan Zanganeh, accompanied by Governor Azizullah Shahbazi of Alborz and Abbas Ali Abadi, Managing Director of MAPNA Industrial Group, visited various sectors of MAPNA Group Industries and were involved in the production activities of this large group.

The Oil Minister was closely acquainted with the achievements of the Electric Vehicle Development Center and infrastructure at Meco. He envisioned a bright future for the country after examining the variety of electric car chargers built at the center and realizing the vast and integrated infrastructure for station management.

Bijan Zanganeh pointed out: “Fortunately, great progress has been made in MAPNA, in which case all of its workshops are active and operating at good capacity. The most important issue in Mapna’s collection, besides the amount of production, is that it is one of the symbols of the National Technology Index of the Islamic Republic of Iran and if we wish to express one of our national achievements, we certainly cannot neglect it. ”


Oil Minister visits MAPNA Group Industries

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