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Charging with MAPNA

The first charging station of electric cars and motorcycles in Iran which is located on a land with an area of 700 square Meters in Milad tower is founded by MAPNA.
This station includes a fast charge electric car which contain a 43 kw AC charging output applicable to all standard electric cars and a fast charging output under the CHAdeMO protocol, applicable to all east Asian cars like Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan and ….
It also has a slow-charging power station of 4.7 kw which works for all standard electric cars.
The station also has a dual- charging 5.5 kw for electric motorcycle that Motorbike drivers can use it to charge electric motorcycle.

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Electric vehicles charging specifications

DC fast charging allows you to charge your Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) quickly and easily. Why we should charge battery in less than 30 min? Do you have more questions? Is charging the same for different cars?
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Level 1 charging

up to 3 kilometers, 30 min

Level 2 charging

up to 16 kilometers, 30 min

DC fast charging

up to 120 kilometers, 30 min

Check (Learn more) and find all information about (EV) charging which includes fast charging, and all new charging methods.

Some cars are covered by our chargers

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