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CHAdeMO 10th Annual European Member Meeting

On 22 May, the 10th annual CHAdeMO European member meeting was held in Lyon during EVS32 and over 80 participants joined us from all over the world. Thank you all for such a great turnout and for your constant support and interest in CHAdeMO and CHAdeMO activities. The second half of the meeting was co-hosted with IEA (International Energy Agency) HEV Task Force 28 as a V2G workshop.

Technical Working Group Session

Preceding the 10th Annual All Member meeting, CHAdeMO technical working group update session took place with participation of our Regular members. Updates including CHAdeMO 3.0/ChaoJi progress report, EU Plug-and-Charge Task Force report, and ICAP activity progress were provided by CHAdeMO Technical WG’s Acting Chair, Mr. Yamagishi. The Technical Work Group materials are uploaded under the Technical Workshop tab in the Members Page section of the website.

PnC Task Force #3

During EVS32 on 21 May, CHAdeMO’s Plug-and-Charge (PnC) Task Force (TF) meeting was held with ten face-to-face participants joined by two more over the conference call bridge. The PnC TF, which started its activities in January this year, further deepened its discussion on the low layer possibilities to achieve CHAdeMO PnC in Europe. This TF is open to all CHAdeMO members. Should your company be interested in joining this TF,

General Assembly in Tokyo

At the 2019 General Assembly, Takafumi Anegawa, CHAdeMO’s Representative Board Member and the President of TEPCO Research Institute at Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, was elected the new President of the Association. The inlet-side prototype of the ChaoJi plug was exhibited at the General Assembly as well.



CHAdeMO @ EVS32 in Lyon

CHAdeMO held a very successful joint booth at EVS32 in Lyon last month with the participation of eNovates, EVTEC, Hitachi Europe, JAE, Magnum CAP, Nichicon, Nissan, Nuvve, PRE, and Signet as co-exhibitors with their HPC and V2X CHAdeMO products. CHAdeMO stand was a 81 sqm island booth, very centrally located on the main alley, which was perfect to commemorate the 10 years anniversary of CHAdeMO in Europe. Nissan Leaf’s cut model was one of the highlights of the booth as it attracted many visitors, including some media and public figures.


CHAdeMO EVS32 Presentations

At EVS32 in Lyon, CHAdeMO key members made some appearances on the conference side as well. On the 21st of May, CHAdeMO’s Representative Board Member Takafumi Anegawa participated in the plenary panel among the ministers and other high-ranking officials.

On the Scientific Programme side, Tomoko Blech from CHAdeMO Europe presented her paper titled ““DC V2X systems: advantages and evolution,” in which she emphasised the importance of having more V2X-ready products – AC and DC – for further advancing on V2X

Infrastructure updates


HPC Station in the Basque Country

In April, Ibil has installed its first CHAdeMO ultra-fast recharging point for electric vehicles in the Iberian Peninsula. The ultra-fast charging station is located on the NI road on its way through Lopidana (Álava), in the Basque Country in the Northern Spain, and has a maximum power of 700 kW, which can be divided among its four supply poles depending on the capacity of the vehicle’s batteries. Thus, the station, having both CHAdeMO and CCS incorporated, can offer 350 kW simultaneously to two vehicles or 175 kW to four vehicles.

The installation of Lopidana is part of the European project E-VIA FLEX-E, co-financed by the European Union, which also includes the deployment of a pilot network of 14 similar facilities in European transport corridors in Spain, France and Italy.

Our Special CHAdeMO #7: the first CHAdeMO in Iran

In late May a CHAdeMO member company MAPNA Group has installed its first EV charging station at Tehran’s iconic Milad Tower. Built over 700 square meters, the station is equipped with a CHAdeMO DC charger, 43 kW AC charger, 7.4 kW slow charger and 5.5 kW charger for electric motorcycles. This installation is an important step for Iran as it paves the way towards promoting further development of EV charging infrastructure and production of EVs in Iran.

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